This would be deleted or just letting it be since of my posts for the past two years are in here.

I went to my new blogging stations. LOL. What the hell?

The 30 photography theme challenge

This challenge is only intended between me and June. If you wish to participate, you may do so. Just credit me. Also, if you like to base this challenges along with your friends, you may do so. Please do give credit.


1. Morning
2. Toy
3. Street
4. Light
5. Neon
6. Sun-kissed
7. Animal
8. Courage
9. Cosplay
10. Gadget
11. Dance
12. Night
13. Comedy
14. Motion
15. Party
16. School
17. Freedom
18. Gravity
19. People
20. Pattern
21. Park
22. Monotone/Grayscale
23. Abstract
24. Garden
25. Beauty
26. Sunset
27. Corner
28. Food
29. Water
30. Self

rain, rain, go away


From now on, this blog will serve as my photo blog. Since I rarely update this and I'm too obsessed with Tumblr.

Don't worry, I'll try to keep this alive.

Uh-huh, Fashionista.

I welcome myself back into blogging. I will update you of all the things that happened to me in the past few months later on. For now, let me share to you my unrequited love for street fashion.

I do not know whether it's because of my environment that had caused me to be self-conscious on my clothes. Honestly, I dress only for the comfortability. I have a very ragged personality and I really don't know of what kind do I possess. In order to search for it, I intended to go with the flow, at first.

I started to buy fashion and lifestyle magazines like Allure, Seventeen, Vogue, Elle, Meg, Candy, and YoU. At first, I find it fun to browse by just looking at the pictures. I really find make-up and clothes as eye-candies. Since I always think that my Pops is very strict when it comes into spending money. He always tells us, me and my older brother, to save. Since I have no older sister, I have to depend on my Mum's fashion style. She always turns me those hand-downs in which I find it gross and not-so my style.

Ever since high school, I have loved skulls and anything related to any gothic stuffs. Mum would always disapprove any clothing that has skull patterns. So, in order to fulfill my wants, I saved up my money to buy a skull-designed shirt. Mum was totally freaked out. She always tells me that skulls are for rebels and started asking non-sense questions like I am becoming a rebel or something.

"Those skull-designed things are mine to covet."

Mum was in total paranoia when she learned that my friends started to give me voodoo doll keychains, an American Blvd. skull-patterned pink bag, skull graphic tees and other related to skull materials. I think Mum has learned to accept the way how I adored skull-designed things. Especially at my Chucks. I just love her expression. It was priceless.

I'm quitting my monologue. Moving on.

I realized that I am indeed a lady. What the hell am I saying? Surely I am a lady, both soul and body. Since I entered college, my perception into clothes had changed. One day, I was looking through my closet. Acting all-bitchy when I couldn't find any dresses, leggings, vests, cardigans, stockings, skirts and shorts. Ugh, name it. I totally needed a closet make-over.

I learned to appreciate dresses thanks to one of my high school BFFs. If it weren't into her, I'd still be wearing jeans and a plain shirt throughout all of my life. Okay, that was a bit exaggerated. Hey, I owed these things to her. She made me find for my lost love in heels and dresses. Since then, my whole world started to change.

"You should dress to impress other people. Don't be afraid to show your personality."

To be continued.